Welcome to Future Proof M.D.  I am a radiology resident with an interest in personal finance.  Throughout my medical education, I've noticed a surprising lack of personal finance knowledge among young medical professionals, many of whom are extremely bright and talented.  Hence the creation of this blog.  The goal is to serve up small portions of personal finance information that you can digest in a short time (e.g. between patient encounters). 

This site started its life as White Coat Money (WCM) in January of 2015.  As WCM grew, I started receiving inquiries on whether WCM was associated with Dr. Jim Dahle's site The White Coat Investor (WCI).  To avoid confusion and out of respect for Dr. Dahle, White Coat Money relaunched as Future Proof M.D. in May of 2016.  The name change was more than just a formality, it truly reflects the ultimate goal of this site - to help YOU get to the enviable position of future proof.  

This blog is going to grow with me.  In the beginning I will focus on topics relevant to a recent medical school graduate such as loan repayment and financial organization.  As time passes and my focus changes, the content of this blog will change with me.  Keep in mind all opinions are mine and have not been approved or endorsed by any third parties (except guest posts of course).

Given the fact that I am still in training, my current goal is to write at least 3 posts per week.  If you have any advice, suggestions or simply want to say Hi, feel free to get in touch with me below.

Thank you for reading,

Future Proof, MD.

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