Betterment RetireGuide™ Update: Now Syncing with over 13,000 Firms!

Betterment is one of my favorite automatic investment portfolio managers (robo-advisors).  Check out my original review here.  About 6 months ago, Betterment launched their RetireGuide™ advice tool.  RetireGuide™ allows Betterment customers to project their future retirement income under several scenarios.  However, in its early days, RetireGuide™ was only available for your Betterment portfolios and any additional accounts will need to be added manually.  Recently, Betterment launched an update to the RetireGuide™ tool which allows you to sync with over 13,000 financial institutions.  Pretty helpful.


Closing thoughts:

I'm firmly convinced that technology will supplement if not eventually supplant the financial planning industry.  Betterment is one of the companies with a "first-mover" advantage in this rapidly growing space.  Their new RetireGuide™ gives their customers a better crystal ball, providing yet another reason for me to continue using Betterment.  Check out my original review of Betterment here.  Or open an account here.

Future Proof, MD

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