PMD: Why I Never Short a Stock...

Welcome to this week's Future Proof post on Physician's Money Digest (PMD). Today's feature is a classic from the Future Proof Archives.  Do you manage your own investments? Have you thought about shorting a stock? Here are some reasons why I never short a stock.  Read the full post at PMD or see the original post here.

On an unrelated note, you may have heard about this guy Matthew who's been causing lots of trouble down here in Florida.  As I write this post, Hurricane Matthew is a category 4 storm ~240 miles southeast of Orlando.  

Hurricane Matthew via  Weather Underground Wundermap .

Hurricane Matthew via Weather Underground Wundermap.

Here is an idea of how seriously people are taking this storm.


The water aisle at my local Publix yesterday evening.

People fleeing Orlando.  Reminded me of the scene from Independence Day where everyone was leaving DC.

Future Proof, MD

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