REVIEW: Doximity Residency Navigator

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I introduced the Doximity Career Navigator to WCM readers a few weeks ago.  One of the 3 offerings contained within the Career Navigator is the Doximity Residency Navigator.  Below I will show you why this is an invaluable tool for any medical student interested in a U.S. residency program.  If you are a medical student and don't use Doximity, this alone should convince you to start using the social network for physicians.

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Bottom line

The Doximity Residency Navigator is a must-have for medical students interested in a U.S. residency program - enough said.  If you don't use Doximity right now, do yourself a favor and head over to to check it out.  Best of all - it's all FREE!  Honestly, if I had to go through 4th year of medical school all over again and Doximity decides to charge for Residency Navigator, I would gladly pay for this amazing tool.  If you want to learn more about how Doximity puts together the residency information page, check out their methodology HERE.

Future Proof, MD

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