GUEST POST: Why Some Docs Do It for the Money

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If you stay in medicine long enough, you will encounter physicians who seem to care more about the paycheck than the patient in front of them - think Dr. Farid Fata.  You may find those colleagues revolting - I know I did.  I despised these physicians and felt nauseated even to be in the same room as them.  But as time went on, I realized that almost nobody starts a career in medicine ONLY for the paycheck, and I started to become more interested in how these physicians became that way.  Here are the factors I was able to identify through my personal observations on why some docs do it for the money. 
      Pure Greed - let's get this one out of the way first.  There are people who set out on a healthcare career purely for the paycheck - from the very beginning.  They never had any delusions about helping people and they never will.  These people are rare and difficult to identify as they do not wear their greed as a badge of honor, but they do exist.  Personally I feel they have sorely missed the mark - given the intelligence and effort required to survive an American medical education, they could have done really well for themselves in finance or investing - think Dr. Michael Burry.
      Commercial pressure - no matter what your work setting, there will always be pressure to produce financially, especially in the environment of seemingly constantly declining reimbursements.  At a minimum, you are going to be expected to generate enough revenue to cover your own salary and benefits.  Anything over that is just gravy.  It is easy to see why a generous serving of commercial pressure, either from your employer or your partners, can help tilt your focus toward the paycheck.

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