PMD: 5 Lessons Medicine Should Learn from Pokémon Go

Welcome to this week's Future Proof post on Physician's Money Digest (PMD).  Pokémon Go has taken over the world.  Let's examine how we in medicine can learn from Nintendo's blockbuster hit.  Read the full post at Physician's Money Digest (PMD).  An excerpt is provided below.

In less than one week, Pokémon Go has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.  Even if you don’t play the game yourself, chances are good you have seen the news coverage (see The Most Insane Pokémon Go Stories We’ve Heard So Far) or bumped into someone out hunting for Pokémon.  While Nintendo may be the one laughing all the way to the bank, here are some lessons we in medicine should learn from Pokémon Go.
1.       Virtual Reality (VR) is the way to the future – remember Google Glass?  It was supposed to be the future of medicine, with augmented reality paving the way to safer surgeries, comprehensive electronic medical records and easy collaboration/sharing of patient information.  While privacy concerns seemingly have killed the mass market appeal of Google Glass, the success of Pokémon Go proves that VR is here to stay, albeit maybe in a different form.  For those who have not read “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, I highly recommend it.  It presents a fascinating world made possible by VR.
2.       Location! Location! Location! – ok, so this one isn’t exclusive to Pokémon Go or medicine.  I was having a conversation with the host at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants today.  Turns out there were 3 Poke stops within walking distance of his restaurant.  Guess whose business went thru the roof in the last week?  Now I’m not suggesting you start setting up Poke stops around your clinic or place of employment.  But your place of practice should ideally be of geographical proximity to that of your referral base.  For example, if you run an outpatient GI clinic, then it would be most convenient if you happen to have your clinic in the same building as your primary care colleague who refers you the most patients.

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Future Proof, MD

Dr. Bo Liu is an aspiring radiologist-in-training and the founder and editor of the White Coat Money Blog.  He has an interest in interventional radiology and helping his medical colleagues get ahead in this mad world of medicine and money.  When he's not crushing the list at the PACS station or typing up your next favorite blog post, you can usually find him at the local badminton club, movie theater or the most recently opened restaurant.