PMD: Brexit? Rregrexit!

Welcome to this week's post on Physician's Money Digest (PMD).  My last post on the Brexit was quite popular so I thought I would follow up and check on how my predictions have fared.  As usual, you can read the full article at PMD.  An excerpt is provided below.

It has been almost 2 weeks since the beast named "Brexit" took a bite out of the world markets.  If you haven't already, check out my thoughts in this previous post BREXIT - Run for the Hills?  How have your portfolios fared?  Is your crystal ball getting any clearer?  Have you seen the new trending hashtags #REGREXIT or #BREGRET?  Let's review how my predictions have fared.
For Your Practice:
I stand by my claim that if you import any medicines or products from the UK, you're about to get a nice discount.  In fact, you probably would have already seen a benefit if you had a shipment within the last week.
For Your Leisure:
Have you planned your British vacation yet?  Better get on it!  It could get crowded soon with Canadians eying the UK for their next cheap vacation.  This is fueled by the fact that the pound is taking a pounding (pardon the pun).  1 British pound is worth 1.30 US Dollars this morning, I actually don't remember the time it has been lower than that.  Which makes sense since the last time a Pound was worth less than that was before I was born.
For your income:
When I predicted that your earned income would not be affected by Brexit, I forgot a selected group of people.  If you are an expat living/working in the UK and getting paid American Dollars, congratulations on your recent raise!

Want more?  Read the full article at PMD.

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