Future Proof Shares - FinCon 2017 Edition

FinCon 2017 came and went. THE conference for financial bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers left a lot of memorable moments, from the Ally Bank sponsored after party to rapper DEE-1 performing his hit song "Sallie Mae Back" while surfing a crowd of money nerds. You can read more about my personal experience HERE. But there were many more bloggers that attended the 4 day bonanza.  Here are 5 selected FinCon17-centric content for your viewing pleasure...

Sponsor Highlight

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Future Proof, MD

Dr. Bo Liu is an aspiring radiologist-in-training and the founder and editor of the White Coat Money Blog.  He has an interest in interventional radiology and helping his medical colleagues get ahead in this mad world of medicine and money.  When he's not crushing the list at the PACS station or typing up your next favorite blog post, you can usually find him at the local badminton club, movie theater or the most recently opened restaurant.