Future Proof Shares - Irmageddon Edition


As of yesterday morning, I wasn't even sure that I would be posting anything for this week's Shares.  Hurricane Irma was sensational National News.  But for those of us living in Florida, it was pretty much ALL news last week.  Perhaps it's because that Hurricane Harvey was still fresh in our minds, perhaps it's just the Floridian way.  By all indications, we prepared well for the storm.  Below is a collection of posts about Hurricane Irma worth reading.

  • For many of us living in central Florida, it appears that we avoided the worst of Irma.  But that was not the case for many Floridians in the south and on the coasts.  As of this writing, over 6.2 million households are still out of power.  Keep up with the latest Florida power outage data HERE
  • Predicting the economic costs of natural disasters is a tricky science, but that doesn't prevent people/organizations from trying.  Here is a rather dramatic estimate - AccuWeather predicts economic cost of Harvey, Irma to be $290 billion.
  • Sometimes the best reaction to a monstrous storm threatening to destroy your life is to laugh in its face.  Here is a great collection by the Palm Beach Post - Hurricane Irma: This Memes Will Make You Laugh.  Yep, I laughed pretty hard at some of them.
  • As much as we want to laugh Irma away, for many Floridians, the hurricane with an old lady's name has caused real devastation.  They will need our help.  Fast Company outlines 14 ways to help storm victims, from Volunteer Florida to Airbnb.
  • This final entry is a simple representation of the power of Irma.  I spent most of the weekend away from my apartment with my girlfriend's family.  When we came home yesterday evening, this is how we found one of the trees in the apartment complex.  Almost artistic isn't it?

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