One of the great things about running your own blog is discovering how entirely un-unique I am. Through my blogging journey, I've met (figuratively speaking) many other physicians who also write about medicine and money.  Here's my favorite collection of blogs for physicians, by physicians - think of this as the Avengers of white coat money blogs.


The White Coat InvestoR (WCI) 

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Jim Dahle needs no introduction.  Often referred to the Godfather or Granddaddy of physician money blogs, the White Coat Investor was one of the major inspirations for me starting Future Proof, MD.  As they say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."  In fact, FPMD started its life as White Coat Money in January of 2015. 

Physician ON FIRE (POF)


PoF (not to be mistaken for the other POF) is created by an anesthesiologist who is approaching early retirement. Personal finance and financial independence are frequently featured, and physician issues are also discussed. If you're into numbers, comedy, humor, and redundancy, you'll want to visit this site.

Passive Income MD (PIMD)


Looks closely - that's P-I-M-D, not P-I-M-P.  Passive Income MD is an anesthesiologist and family man who is obsessed with the idea of achieving financial freedom through passive income. He shares his personal journey and tips he learns along the way.  His ultimate goal is to be a better husband, father, physician, and golfer.

Dr. Wise Money (DWM)


Believe it or not, I'm not the only radiology resident blogging about money with the last name Liu!  As DWM achieves her financial goals of purchasing a home, paying off her student loans, maxing out retirement savings, and on track to becoming retirement-eligible in 7 years, she writes about personal finance for doctors, assisting her colleagues to achieve financial success. If you're in training, you'll want to check out her site. 

Senior Resident


Don't be fooled by the name, Resident Sensei Dr. Walter Nguyen is actually a living, breathing, practicing radiologist on a little rock we like to call Hawaii.  He blogs about medicine, money and life through 3 very aptly named series - Medicine Mondays, Whatever Wednesdays and Finance Fridays.  Trust me, you'll want to check out his site - it will have you saying "Arigato" in no time.

Investing Doc

Internal Medicine

Investing Doc is a site created by a newly minted internal medicine attending physician.  Yep you read that right - internal medicine!  I remember those dark days (literally dark because I didn't see the sun) when I worked as an internal medicine intern.  So you know the level of dedication he has to you running a blog while managing the typical hospitalist patient load.  #RESPECT.



Charlie is an anesthesia resident in his last year of training. During his time as a medical student, he started the popular Twitter account #LifeofaMedStudent. Recently, this movement has expanded into a blog and website at One of his favorite topics is improving the financial knowledge of his followers, an area he feels is under-taught in medical education.


Trauma Surgery

Dr. Nii Darko (DO, MBA) is the voice behind the Docs Outside the Box (DocsOTB) podcast. His podcast highlights physicians who are thriving in nontraditional paths in medicine. The goal of DocsOTB is to become the trusted voice helping to empower physicians by bringing inspirational interviews and stories from other ordinary doctors who are doing extraordinary things.


Family Medicine

Dr. John Jurica (MD, MPH, CPE) is the mind behind the site - The Vital Physician Executive. As a board certified family physician who transitioned into management & administrative medicine early in his clinical practice, John's goal is to encourage emerging physician executives and helping them become more successful and effective leaders.

Med School Financial (MSF)

Preventative Medicine

Med School Financial (MSF) is a site by Dr. Joseph Chiweshe.  The goal of the site is to provide you with information on the business of health, personal finance and investing.  Dr. Chiweshe believes that the road to wealth is paved in health, and he's ready to help you achieve both!  True to his choice of specialty, education and prevention make for the best medicine.

Son of a doctor! (SOD)

Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)

Richard and Christy Pearce make for the perfect power-duo.  He is an attorney & registered investment adviser and she is a board certified MFM physician.  They created SOD to empower, educate and entertain its readers on topics pertinent to physicians, including tax planning, employment concerns, financial education and professional development.

Choose Better Life

Emergency Medicine

Choose Better Life is a site by an emergency medicine physician who is shifting her focus from sickness and injury to all areas of wellness.  Julie believes that "life is more than just the sum of its parts: it requires a balance of health, finance, family, friends, hobbies, and vocation to thrive." I couldn't have said it any better.  Will you choose better life?


*With so many talented writers/bloggers out there, I'm 100% sure I did not include all the great physician bloggers in this list.  If you are a physician money blogger and would like to be featured here, please contact me at