Welcome to the Future Proof ReFi Central!  We have only one mission - to provide YOU with the best student loan refinancing deal available. 

STEP 1:  Read this post To Be, or Not to Be...Consolidated/Refinanced...On Your Student Loans... to see if student loan refinancing is the best option for you. 

STEP 2:  Future Proof Reader Bonus - Apply through the following Future Proof partners (ordered alphabetically) for a reader bonus.  We recommend applying to all partners simultaneously to make sure you receive the best offer for you. 

STEP 3: Future Proof Rebate - Future Proof, MD receives a referral fee when you close a loan with one of our listed providers and we choose to split that referral fee with YOU.  Think of it as a reward for reading.  To receive your rebate, simply email contact@futureproofmd.com when your loan is closed.  Once we verify your application and receives referral fee payment, a check will be sent to you!


CommonBond is shaking up the student loan industry, with lower rates, bigger savings, better service, and a one-of-a-kind social mission. Members save over $14,500, on average, by refinancing their student loans, and enjoy exclusive access to borrower protections, career counseling, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Reader Bonus: $300

Future Proof Rebate: $100


Have student loans and want to make sure you receive the best rate when you refinance? Credible is the Kayak of student loan refinancing. Credible allows you to receive and compare multiple, personalized offers from lenders like CommonBond, Purefy, Citizens Bank, CollegeAve and many more in less than 2 minutes!  There is no commitment and checking out your options on Credible will not affect your credit score. 

Reader Bonus: $250


Earnest uses smart software, rich data, and elegant design to provide an improved student loan experience.  Founded on the belief that financially responsible people deserve better access to credit and more flexible terms, Earnest builds products to help clients reach life's milestones.

Reader Bonus: $300

Future Proof Rebate: $100

SoFi (Social Finance)

Initially launched in 2011 by 4 Stanford Business School graduates, SoFi aims to leverage the private lending market to tackle student loans.  Since starting with a small $2 million pilot program lending money from 40 Stanford alumni to 100 students, SoFi has become one of the most recognizable names in student loan refinancing, surpassing $8 billion in loans funded.

Reader Bonus: Unfortunately SoFi no longer offer a sign-up bonus as of 7/1/2017.

Splash Financial

The newest kid on the block, Splash Financial launched publicly in April of 2017 with an attractive $1/month payment option for residents/fellows in training.

Reader Bonus: 

  • Refinance over $200,000 and receive $1,000.
  • Refinance over $100,000 and receive $500.
  • Refinance less than $100,000 and receive $250.