Guest Post Policy


Due to personal reasons, I am no longer accepting guest posts. Thank you for your interest in FPMD.

With so many talented writers/bloggers out there, I am more than happy to host guest posts on Future Proof, MD.  However, I have been receiving an increasing number of guest post submissions that are poorly written and of no interest to FPMD readers.  So here are some ground rules for guest post submissions:

  1. Well written and free of grammatical errors.  Submissions requiring excessive edits for grammatical errors will be rejected.
  2. Tackles a personal finance topic of interest to young medical professionals, think med students, residents and fellows.  Preferably on a topic that has not been discussed extensively on FPMD already.
  3. Succinct with a target length of 600 words.  Of course some posts will go over that and I'm happy to consider each submission on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Free of commercial bias - guest posts are not intended to be advertising.  Guest authors' web properties will be linked to in the introduction and author profile sections of a post.  However, excessive self-referral in the main text will be rejected.  If you are interested in advertising on FPMD, please contact me for sponsorship options.
  5. Do not submit content you have published previously or plan to publish elsewhere.
  6. Do not plagiarize any part of your guest post.
  7. Submit finalized submission in Microsoft Word document format (.doc or .docx) via email to  I usually reply within 1 week. 

Click here to see previously published guest posts.  I look forward to your guest post submission.


Future Proof, MD